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Baby Car Seat Tray Stroller


The Kids Travel Tray is the best solution to all your problems while driving with your kids. Does your toddler hate having to stop playing with modeling clay? Or was he in the middle of his Lego masterpiece and you need to take a car ride is unacceptable? And you know that coloring book he started this morning? And all these things simply cannot be done in the car!

There is nothing your kid can do at home that he/she cannot do on one of these kids travel trays. The car seat travel tray for kids has strong margins that keep toys, crayons, and modeling clay from rolling off and onto the car floor.

These kids travel lap tray for the car seats is built to last and it is highly practical. Its sides don’t collapse over the play space hindering fun and snack time. What is more, the margins of the car seat table have useful pockets which can be used to store snacks, bottles of milk for Baby or toys, and they act as great support for tablet, phone or any other device. The only thing you will be wondering about is how come it’s so quiet back there.

Material: polyester
Color: blue, purple, rose red, light blue, black

Size: 40 * 32cm




                                                                              Sturdy wood board + sponge

                                                Quality upgrade !!!

                                              Good workmanship



Inflatable column packaging, not easily damaged during transportation.