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TurtlePro Tummy Time Water Mat

Why is Tummy Time So Important? It prevents flat head syndrome and promotes your babies motor skills whilst developing strong neck and shoulder muscles!




Encourages Tummy Time - with a new and cute design this stimulating Turtlepro Water Mat will get your baby up and interact with the mat

Prevent Flat Head Syndrome - If babies are left in the same position for long periods, the skull bone plates might move in a way that creates a flat spot 😲 

Strength Building - Tummy Time can also help your baby build strength needed for sitting up, rolling over, crawling and walking

Cognitive Development - The TurtlePro Tummy Time Water Mat is great for sensory stimulation, motor skills and cognitive abilities


Turtle Water Mat


The TurtlePro Tummy Time Mat is a MUST for every parent or grandparent.

Looking to bring a smile to your baby? nothing goes past then a stimulating Tummy Time session with the Parents or Grandparents.

Enjoy Interacting with your baby and know that not only are you spending quality time together but you are also encouraging many important development skills and this prime time in their beautiful little lives 😍

Made from heavy-duty PVC the water mat can safely hold up to 120lbs/54kgs.

Our newest arrival is the TurtlePro Water Mat however we still have the original Whale & Friends along with the Water World design which has been loved by many parents and grandparents. 

Tummy Time is an absolute necessity for babies, the Turtlepro and Original water mats are a no brainer when it comes to ensuring your baby is developing important skills at a very young age...

Baby Water Mat


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