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No More Tears Shower Cap

Forget the tears! keep running water and soap out of your baby's eyes and ears with this simple, yet effective Silicone Shower Cap! Washing your baby's hair has now become so much easier.

Baby Water Cap

✅ SUITABLE FOR ALL BABIES OR CHILDREN WHO STRUGGLE WAS BATH TIME -The cap is adjustable which makes it suitable from babies right through to young children.

✅MAKE BATH TIME FUN AGAIN! -Babies and children think it's hilarious when the water runs down off the cap but without touching their face or ears. Your child will be able to play freely whilst you wash their hair with EASE!

✅ COMFORTABLE TO WEAR - Our shower cap is made from high-quality FOAM material which is soft, comfortable and flexible. With enough stretch, it stays on your child's head securely.

✅ PREVENT EAR ACHES & INFECTIONS - Water entering the ear which cant escape can cause earaches and infections. Wearing the shower cap will not only prevent