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WeeLands Colors and Fruits Double Sided Matching Game

Do you struggle to keep your kids away from TV, Ipads or Iphones?

As parents ourselves, we understand the struggles... kids these days are glued to electronic devices and we are FED UP!

You pick up the kids from school and the first thing they want to do when they get home is watch TV or play video games...

That's where fun, exciting and addictive educational games such as the WeeLands colors and fruits logical thinking game comes to the RESCUE!



 MONTESSORI INSPIRED GAME - There is a big shift towards more fun and educational games, it's time to embrace the change and limit your childrens screen time!

TWO SIDED - Colors on one side and fruits on the other, with multiple cards to match and two sides, this game will keep the kids entertained for hours. 

 GET THEM THINKING - Spark creativity and early educational skills whilst your little ones are having fun and developing essential skills.

 SAFE & QUALITY MATERIAL - Made from high quality and smooth wood which will ensure longevity of the game.

 GREAT FOR FAMILIES - Not only is this game great for your child's early development, it's great for parent and child bonding! 

 Color Matching Game 

Children are able to learn so much through play. Unstructured pay benefits kids mental and physical health. It helps them make sense of the world around them through teaching boundaries and social interactions, its even good for you mum or dad!

color matching game


  1. Erect the stand and insert the board into the grooves on each stand
  2. Randomly choose a card, move either the fruit or colors up, down, left or right to achieve the same combination as presented in the card.

color matching game


  • 10-15 Days to USA, UK, Australia, Europe & Canada
  • 15-25 Days all other countries and regions 

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