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WeeLands Memory Match Stick Board Game

Children these days are getting too much screen time!

Minimize your children's screen time by introducing them to fun and exciting educational games like the WeeLands Wooden Memory Match Stick Board Game


IMPROVE COGNITIVE ABILITY - Not only is this board game fun.. it improves color cognitive ability and stimulates curiosity

REDUCE SCREEN TIME - As parents ourselves we know how hard it is to get the kids away from their phones, tablets and TV! Exciting and intuitive games like this, really encourage kids to get involved and enjoy playing it with their siblings or parents.

EASY TO PLAY - Although the WeeLands Memory Match Stick Board Game requires, a good level of thinking and cognitive ability, the game and rules are very simple! 

NOT JUST FOR THE KIDS - Not only can the Children benefit from this board game, but adults and especially the elderly can reap the rewards of this game whilst helping with their memory retention!



  • Place the colored match sticks on the board
  • Roll the dice
  • Remove the colored match stick which is shown on the dice, the winner with the most match sticks is then declared the WINNER!


  • Size: 175mm x 175mm x 23mm
  • Material: Made from safe wooden material with non-toxic water paint
  • Finish: Smooth finish to ensure its safe to use with young children
  • Contents: 24 Match Stick pieces & 1 Dice 
Wooden Memory Match Stick Board Game

  • 10-15 Business Days to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia & Europe 
  • 15-25 Business Days to all other countries 


**Please supervise babies and younger children at all times, do not allow them to put the Dice or Match sticks in their mouth as this is a choking hazard*